CyberNet designs, develops, manufactures and supplies leading-edge electronic payment terminals, peripherals, and software applications for m-commerce, e-commerce, smartcard and traditional payments. Our state-of-the-art payment terminals are used in the wired, wireless and Internet environments. They have been installed and used by major processors, Value Added Network providers, traditional and non-traditional merchants, healthcare providers, petrol stations and governments. Currently CyberNet’s electronic payment terminals are represented in 85 countries.

Our major markets are:

VAN (Value Added Network) companies/Processors

Responsible for distribution, installation and maintenance of payment terminals, and authorization services. Major VANs/processors distribute CyberNet's payment devices to their agents and merchants.



Small & medium-sized retail merchants

Merchants such as specialty shops, restaurants, clothing, newsstands, bookstores, multi-lane stores and convenience stores use CyberNet's payment devices at checkout counters for reading, authorizing and electronically transmitting credit and debit card transactions, be it magnetic-stripe cards or smartcards.

Large retailers

CyberNet's payment terminals are installed in large retailers such as supermarkets, hotels, department stores, railway stations and travel agencies including airline companies.

Outdoor merchants/Merchants on the move

Merchants on the move, including home delivery services, taxis/cabs, limousines services, stadium sales, kiosks and rental car companies, deploy CyberNet's wireless and portable payment device to process secure payment transactions. This wireless solution is also perfect for restaurants, conferences and events where mobile payment offers superb convenience.

Healthcare operators

CyberNet's payment devices are used to perform secure electronic transactions and other healthcare applications at hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

Government agencies

Government agencies such as tax offices deploy CyberNet's payment devices to collect government taxes from the population who may find it convenient to pay by credit or debit cards.


Banks utilize CyberNet's payment solutions to create private telecommunication networks at their branch offices to support value-added services and to supply EFT-POS terminals to their retail merchants.

Gas/petrol stations

CyberNet payment terminals are installed in gas/petrol stations to process secure unattended or attended payment services.