Executive Management

CyberNet's management team is comprised of international executives who bring with them the experience from today's leading industries. Domain knowledge includes financial services, telecommunications, computing, enterprise software, Internet commerce, multi-tier client/server systems, end-to-end payment solutions and smartcard applications. With their international business experience comes a network of key relationships and partnerships around the world.

JongHoo Lee Founder, CEO & President
As CEO and president of CyberNet, Mr. Lee is directly responsible for all business activities of the company. Prior to founding CyberNet, he held senior management positions with major international companies in the computer, financial services and payment transaction industries. For over 20 years he has excelled in sales, business development and general management for Control Data, Tandem Computers and VeriFone. In the 3 years when he was the president of Tandem Computers Korea, he grew the business from US$8M to US$42M.
Master of Information & Communication, Seoul National University, Korea
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, SungKyunKwan University, Korea
Larry Kessler Chief Operating Officer (Worldwide Operations)
Mr. Kessler oversees CyberNet's strategic direction, business development and financial activities of worldwide operations. Over last 30 years, he has been deeply involved in creating, growing and managing international technology companies. His business acumen is gleaned from a good mix of sales, marketing, finance and general management in dynamic, demanding and industry-leading companies such as IBM, Tandem Computers, VeriFone and Teletech.
Master of Business Administration, Rutgers University, USA
Bachelor of Business Management, Marist University, USA
SeokWoo Kim Chief Technical Officer (R&D)
Mr. Kim is responsible for the technical direction for all of CyberNet including the strategic planning and development of products, and technical support. Before joining CyberNet, he was with LG Industry Systems, bringing with him 10 years of outstanding experience in developing firmware and software for the factory automation.
Master of Electrical Engineering, ChungAng University, Korea
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, ChungAng University, Korea
HyungTai Choi President of TH Solution, a subsidiary of Cybernet
Mr. Choi is responsible for the strategic planning and development of the hardware devices. Prior to joining CyberNet, he worked as the senior technical researcher for YTC Telecom, bringing with him 10 years of extensive experience in hardware development.
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, SungKyunKwan University, Korea
Eun Hee Cho Director of Strategic Planning and Sales
Ms. Cho is reponsible for worldwide strategic planning and sales. Prior to joining CyberNet, she worked for 10 years in the fields of marketing, strategic planning and research for Hyundai, one of the most renowed companies in Korea. She continued her professional career by joining Core Logic, one of the leading local fabless companies (Semiconductor IC Design company), as an investor relations professional.
Bachelor of Political Science, Chunbuk National University, Korea